New Vehicle Protection

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new vehicle protection

Are you thinking about, or have you recently purchased a vehicle? Have it protected ASAP!

Why do you need protection on your car? It is after all brand new and shouldn’t need anything, right? Be that as it may, new vehicles in particular benefit the most from protection. Notably paint protection film (also known as 3M or XPEL) and/or ceramic coating specifically, are important aspects for you to consider when purchasing a vehicle.

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Facts About Alberta Vehicles

Average Cost Of A New Bumper & Paint
$ 0 +
Spent Annually On Car Washes Weekly
$ 0 +
Average KM/Year Driven By Albertans

What Options Are Available For Protecting A New Vehicle?

Paint Protection Film

If you had to choose one or the other, Paint Protection Film is ultimately the way to go. PPF offers physical protection to the vulnerable areas of your new vehicle. For example, this includes protection against rock chips and bug splatter staining. 

Another key point is Paint Protection Film can also be applied to the door cups to prevent scratches from nails and rings when the doors are opened. Finally, a luggage strip below the trunk can protect against scratching and gouges from dragging items in and out.

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Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating is a cosmetic protection. As an illustration, ceramic coatings can be compared to a wax or sealant that lasts for years. Furthermore, coatings can be applied to any surface such as paint, glass, wheels, plastic, leather, fabric, and more! 

Ceramic coating keeps the surfaces cleaner for a longer period of time. In addition to this, they are more resistant to chemicals and staining than bare paint and other protectants are. As a result, your vehicle does not need to be cleaned as often, and finally takes less effort to do so!

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New Car Protection Summary

In conclusion, protecting your vehicle is all in all very important to maintain its condition. We definitely recommend having this protection installed as soon as possible once you take delivery of your vehicle. In the long run, protection pays for itself by helping to avoid costly repairs and repaints from what nature throws at it. Obviously nobody wants a rock chip bumper! Contact us to ensure protection is applied immediately and preserve your vehicle’s condition!

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