Ceramic Coating

What Is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic Coating, also known as Nano Coating, is a product applied to surfaces that forms a bond with the substrate. Much like Velcro, the coating molecules interlock with the surface below, creating a protective layer against environmental materials such as mud, dirt, liquids, and contamination.

The main benefits of Ceramic Coating are to be a sacrificial layer between the surface and the elements, and aid in ease of cleaning. The easiest way to describe a coating, is “wax on steroids”. A freshly waxed vehicle has a brilliant, glossy finish, and is much easier to wash than a vehicle with no protection. Unfortunately, waxes tend to wear off quite quickly, in some cases after only a wash or two.

Coatings can only be removed by abrasion and/or extreme chemicals. If regular and proper maintenance protocols are followed, coatings will last beyond their warrantied lifespan and will keep the surface protected and looking great for years to come!

Ceramic Coating Options

Pinup’s Detailing is a certified installer with the world’s most advanced and high quality Ceramic Coating companies. We install coatings from Gyeon, Revivify, and SB3. Each coating we offer has its own benefits and differences between the others. Take a look to see what we offer, and contact us for a quote for your vehicle today!

Gyeon Quartz Ceramic Coating Edmonton Alberta Canada Nano Coatings

Gyeon Quartz

All Gyeon products are formulated and bottled in South Korea, at Gyeon's very own manufacturing facility. The incredible quality of the products is distinguishable from the performance, ease of use, and right down to the one-of-a-kind packaging that is offered. Gyeon has a variety of coatings available for all surfaces

Revivify Ceramic Nano Coating Self Heal Healing Edmonton Alberta Canada

Revivify Self Heal

Revivify Coatings are a flexible, heat-activated self healing formula that provides amazing protection and characteristics. The flexible surface means light defects, such as swirls and scratches can be removed by applying heat to the affected area, while maintaining gloss and a beautiful finish

SB3 Ceramic Coating Edmonton Coatings Alberta Canada Nano

SB3 Coatings

SB3 Coatings have a full range of ceramic coatings that will meet needs and help protect against sun damage and oxidation, while providing excellent gloss and ease of cleaning properties. Unlike traditional waxes and sealants, our coatings last for years of protection, saving you time and money

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