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Regular vehicle detailing and maintenance services are crucial to making sure your vehicle stays looking and feeling great! After all, you get your oil changed, you have your brakes done, you get fuel regularly… Why not treat the physical surfaces the same? If you need detailing services, you’ve come to the right place. Trust Pinup’s Detailing for all your auto detail services.

Vehicles are getting more expensive every year, while unfortunately we have seen their quality going down. The profit is all that matters to the manufacturer, so more often these days we are seeing inferior and low-quality finishes during services, both inside and out. Paint and clear coat is thinner than ever, resulting in premature paint failure (peeling, cracking, extreme chipping, and fading) in a much shorter amount of time. Interior “leather” has more plastic content than ever, with lower quality dyes and protective finishes. Carpets are thinner and less plush, almost everything is glued together, and all in all, you’re not getting your money’s worth when your 2 year old vehicle has severe defects and cosmetic issues. This is where we come in!

Trust the professionals when it comes to restoring and protecting your vehicles for your detailing services!

Auto Detailing Services We Offer

Interior Detailing

auto detailing appointment edmonton

From regular maintenance services to extensive restorative packages, we have pre-built and custom options available for all your interior detailing needs!

Ceramic Coating

ceramic coating service edmonton

Once a surface is properly cleaned and prepped, ceramic protective coatings are a great way to maintain a beautiful, glossy, lasting finish for years to come, and make your maintenance easier!

Exterior Detailing

exterior detailing service edmonton

Wash and wax, decontamination, polishing and paint correction services to make your vehicle look great, and of course keep it that way, making maintenance easier!

Paint Protection Film

paint protection film detailing service auto detail edmonton

Rock chips, bug splatter, bird droppings, etching, environmental damages and beyond, are not a worry with our self healing, ceramic infused, high quality paint protection films!

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