SB3 Coatings

SB3 Coatings

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What Is SB3 Coatings

SB3 Coatings has a full range of Ceramic coatings that will meet needs and help protect against sun damage and oxidation. Unlike traditional waxes and sealants, our coatings last for years, giving you the ultimate protection.  An often overlooked benefit of ceramic coating your car is the way it repels dirt and other substances. A ceramic coating makes your car’s surface very smooth, filling in the imperfections of the clear coat beneath it, making it difficult for dirt to stick to the surface. This means your car is easier to clean while maintaining a deep, glossy appearance.

Warranty & Carfax

SB3 Coatings carry a third party warranty and are reported to your vehicle’s Car Fax file. These features can aid in maintaining your vehicle’s value when it is time to sell.

Single Layer Formulas

SB3 Coatings are an incredibly thick and durable formulation – only able to be applied by trained and certified Surface Specialists. The final result is a gleaming vehicle, for years to come.

Extreme Gloss & Slickness

From an entry level 1 year option to the top tier 5 year coating, SB3’s line of ceramics add and maintain an incredible shine and smoothness of the coated surfaces.

Coatings & Features


SB3 Alpha is a single layer application. This layer offers 5 years of protection while leaving a great layer of gloss and slickness. Alpha is a great coating for daily drivers or someone looking for long term protection. It allows for nice ease of maintenance and great protection. Alpha is backed by our 3rd party warranty and is also covered by Carfax.


SB3 Omega is known for its extremely high gloss and water beading. This single layer application makes your ease of maintenance simple. The hydrophobics of this coating really create a lotus effect. It has been said this coating leaves a candy appearance to the vehicle’s paint – incredibly deep and glossy. Omega is backed by our 3rd party warranty and is also covered by Carfax.

SB3 Omega Nano Ceramic Coating Edmonton Auto Detail Paint Protection


Professional Grade – Up to 2 Years Durability

Super Hydrophobic

Ease of maintenance and self cleaning

Extreme Gloss & Shine

Coatings naturally enhance the surfaces appearance

Protection Against The Elements

Resist staining, UV, bugs, and droppings

Starting at $599

SB3 Alpha Nano Ceramic Coating Edmonton Auto Detail Paint Protection


Professional Grade – Up to 5 Years Durability

Exceptionally Hydrophobic

Ease of maintenance and self cleaning

Ultra Gloss & Shine

Level of gloss is increased

Protection Against The Elements

Increased chemical and stain resistance compared to Omega

Starting at $899

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