Paint Correction

Restore Gloss & Clarity

Over time, vehicles can lose their shine and appear dull or hazy

Remove Defects

Contact or abrasion risks scratches and swirl marks

Paint Correction & Polishing Power Polish Edmonton
Paint Correction, Polishing, and Scratch Removal Edmonton

What Is Paint Correction?

Paint correction is also known as: power polishing, buffing, cut and polish, etc. This is the process of leveling the paint or clear coat on a surface to diminish or remove swirls and scratches. Your vehicle leaves with a crisp and beautiful shine as a result!

Not all scratches and defects can be removed. Your vehicle’s paintwork has limited thickness, and each time some is removed, it cannot be replaced. Furthermore, different types of defects can leave a different depth of damage. Defects that are too deep or past the clear coat cannot be removed with this process. In spite of this, we can brighten and restore the paintwork to a like-new finish where possible. It is important to ensure enough clear coat or paint is left behind to give the surface as long of a life as it can have, alongside restoring the condition. Paint failure can occur with over-correction, which can cost thousands to re-paint.

Swirl Marks - Paint Correction Removable

Swirl marks can be obtained from contact with a contaminated or overly-aggressive material – such as a scrub brush or spinning brushes at a car wash, a dirty wash mitt or towel, improper lubrication, clay bar, or too much pressure with washing or drying media. Ensure you follow a strict routine when washing and drying. This is important in helping minimize the amount of swirls added. These can be removed.

Deep Marring - Paint Correction Removable

Similar to swirl marks, deep marring is typically from being too aggressive with a drying towel, clay bar, or other media. Softer paints and clear coats especially are at higher risk of these defects, however all vehicles and hardnesses are susceptible to marring. Ensure a proper wash method and adequate lubrication are used, which consequently aids in minimizing the risk of marring. This can be removed.

Deep Scratches - Variable

Deep scratches are the most difficult to remove. These occur when a material abrades the surface of the vehicle. Keys, buttons, zippers, rubbing, and many more situations and media can cause deep scratches. Some can be removed, reduced or diminished, however if they have gone too far into the surface, filling, touch-ups, or repainting will be necessary to hide or cover them.

Acid & Water Etching - Variable

Etching occurs on or just below the surface of the paint, however there are situations in which they may seep lower and be unremovable.  Water naturally contains minerals, and when it evaporates, leaves behind these minerals. They can “etch” or stain the surface and become difficult to remove. Bugs and other chemicals can also leave these damages. The use of specialized products in addition to paint correction can usually remove these spots.

We always take a measurement of the panels prior to this service since paint thickness is a limited resource. Therefore, we are able to determine if a vehicle has been repainted, has been polished prior, or if it is thick enough to safely withstand the process. Most importantly, our services are always tailored to the vehicle. If you request a 2 Stage Paint Correction but the clear coat is too thin or we can obtain adequate results, we will instead do a Single Stage enhancement polish. In conclusion, the safety of your vehicle and your satisfaction is our utmost priority!

We provide free assessments and consultations to determine the best package and final outcome for your vehicle. Contact us to schedule yours, and turn back the clock to get a showroom shine!

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